Why I Offer Tutoring to College Students

In addition to offering business services, I also offer tutoring in undergrad college accounting subjects. Yes, it pays less. Yes, it may require me to brush up on subjects I haven’t touched on in years. And yes, I really enjoy it. If you’ve caught on from my other blogs, I have a passion for what I do in the accounting realm. I know that accounting is notoriously seen as challenging and unfulfilling.

So that is why I tutor. I want to show students that accounting can be exciting and fulfilling if you approach it a certain way. My goal is to help students dread their homework a little less and maybe even find some joy in the subject.

If students see someone who is both passionate and successful in an accounting career, it may open up a whole new outlook on what accounting can do for their career. I want other students to be successful as well! On the other hand, even if a student is only taking an accounting course to fulfill part of their business degree requirements, I still aim to make the experience as pleasant and useful as possible.

I recently met with a UNR undergrad. The day prior to meeting he text me with the subject we’d be working on: Stockholder’s Equity. At first I felt a bit of dread. I had not touched on this particular subject since studying for my CPA exam, which was at least two years prior. I was a little worried that I would struggle helping the student on this subject, but I grabbed my CPA study book and headed to campus.

I quickly glanced over the chapter on Stockholder’s Equity so I at least knew where to reference different items. Once the student arrived, we first worked on his homework and then his quiz. Question by question, all my past knowledge started coming back to me and we finished his work successfully.

That is the other reason I choose to tutor. It forces me to freshen-up on my accounting skills and teaching others helps me stay on top of my game. In my opinion it’s a win-win situation! If you or someone you know is interesting in working with an enthusiastic accounting tutor, head on over to my profile on UniversityTutor.com and check it out! I’d love to help you succeed.

Credit: UniversityTutor.com