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You may have caught on by now that the main purpose of my blog is to provide my readers with little tidbits on accounting, QuickBooks, and Excel. I’d also like to use my blog so that readers can get to know me better, whether it be current clients, prospective clients, colleagues, or anyone else! I want you to know the person behind the blog because, although numbers are my livelihood and career passion, they are not the only thing that makes me the enthusiastic accountant that I am. Read on to learn how I fill my time outside of work hours.


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I have always had a love of learning! “Teacher’s pet” was not a foreign name to me growing up and that love of learning has never subsided. I am currently enrolled in my MBA at the University of Nevada, Reno. My favorite TV channel currently is the Weather Channel, with shows like “Weather Gone Viral” and “Strangest Weather on Earth.” I also enjoy watching documentaries and love getting caught up in a good book based on historical events. One of my favorite recently read books is The Worst Hard Time by Timothy Egan, which depicts the mid-West during the great dust bowl of the 1930’s. Did you know that’s where the term “dirty 30’s” comes from? Neither had I!



The learning item rolled into reading, but reading definitely deserves its own category here. There’s really nothing better than laying out in the sunshine with a charming storyline and getting lost in fact or fiction. Growing up, my mom and I would read all day long during the summer and we called it our “Reading PowWow.” Cheesy, right? 😉


I often start and never finish many different crafts, but sometimes I make something pretty neat! One hobby I have is scrapbooking. It’s one of my few creative outlets and I sure wish I spent more time doing it….maybe once my MBA is done I can get back to it. Then there’s coloring – who hasn’t gotten into that craze?! Ahhhh, so relaxing!

Home Improvement Projects

My Condo in Sacramento – project central!

My first home was a condo in the Sacramento area, and it was in great condition but stuck in the 80’s.  I’m very fortunate to have a General Contractor dad, as he not only helps me with every project, but teaches me the basics with each time. Now that I own a beautiful home in Reno, my previously learned skills are being put to the test. Where my memory fails me, my wonderful boyfriend steps in, and my dad is just a call away if we get in over our heads. Our current project is simple but daunting… painting the entire bottom floor of our house. The previous owner painted not only the walls, but the ceiling also, a golden yellow – YELLOW!! That’s just too much. Time to upgrade to a pretty flannel grey 😊

Outdoor Activities

Yes, let’s get the cliché out of the way – I love hiking! There are tons of trails in the Reno/Tahoe area that I need to explore and there are so many breath-taking views to be seen. Last year we bought a kayak and paddleboard which we took out regularly to Boca Reservoir and the lake in Truckee. I figured I would be horrible at paddle boarding since I’m not very sports-savvy, but to my surprise, I never once feel off the entire summer! I can’t wait to go this year. I also did Tough Mudder in 2012, when I was heavy into doing CrossFit. I skipped a few obstacles and suffered through the crazy Truckee altitude, and it was torturous but exhilarating. I hope to do it again someday!


I have a bit of on obsession with shopping, but I’ve learned to reign that in lately (my wallet is relieved!). I also have a reputation for my savings techniques – you know, the coupons, the sales, the whole she-bang! I love getting a good deal and stockpiling when I can. Target is for sure my go-to for anything non-perishable and I combine coupons, sales, my RedCard discount, and cartwheel savings to score some stellar deals.


The only children I have so far are my four-legged ones. I have adopte

Rocky and Penny

d 3 myself – one female cat Jill (she’s very sweet), one male cat Jonas (he’s an A-hole), and one senior male mastiff-mix Rocky (the biggest, sweetest lovebug). My boyfriend adds his senior female golden retriever (also a big love, but also the size of a small horse!). I cannot image our household without all our animals, as they bring us so much of both stress and joy.


Well, I know I’ve probably left out some other leisures of mine but this at least gives you a little insight as to what I like aside from accounting. I would love to hear about your favorite past-times so comment with them below – maybe we have some in common!

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