Things to Consider When Choosing Accounting Software

Whether you are a small start-up or a large established company, there are things to consider when choosing an accounting software. Who will be using it? How much functionality will you require? Here are some guidelines to help you start your search for the best-suited software.

Who will be using it?

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Most software has limitations on how many users can access the software, either at any given time or altogether. It is important to know what your needs are and what your needs may grow to in the future. It could be costly to upgrade later on or find out you need different software entirely. For example, QuickBooks offers various levels with increasing number of users allowed (“number of people who can access QuickBooks Online” near the end of the list).

It is important to consider what roles within your company will need access to the software. If your sales manager or payroll clerk receive value from access, you should choose a software that has security access variability. You may not want certain individuals seeing confidential employee information or sensitive financial statements.

How much functionality will you require?

If you are a self-employed individual, you may only require simple functionality such as invoicing and bill payments. A mid-size company may require additional functionality to include budgeting and payroll. A large company may require layers of functionality when other software must integrate into the accounting software and serves as a sub-ledger.

Knowing which different software programs “talk” to each other and the ease with which they communicate is essential. Integration can entail complex processes and it’s important to understand how to locate and fix discrepancies. An example would be a payroll system – such as Paychex – that only sends over summary amounts to the accounting software to ensure confidentiality.

What else is unique about your company?

Each company and entrepreneur will have unique needs as it relates to their financial needs. Do not assume that because a company is similar to yours that you should jump right in to using the same accounting software. Not only should you identify your company’s need and wants in the software, but you should consider the cost-benefit of each one. Will that software that costs twice as much cut down on manual input? There is more that goes into a full cost-benefit analysis than the cost of the software itself.

Choosing an accounting software can be a daunting task, but having an experienced accountant assist with the process can help ensure a better fit. Contact me HERE if you’d like to get started on an accounting software evaluation, or comment below with your question.

What’s a QuickBooks ProAdvisor?

A commonly used accounting software used by the self-employed and small-to-medium sized businesses is QuickBooks. I use the online platform of QuickBooks for my own personal and business records. I love it so much that I became a Certified ProAdvisor.

If you need assistance navigating the set-up of your company into QuickBooks, whether starting from scratch or transitioning from a different platform, you can search for a ProAdvisor with the online search page (or, you can save yourself the trouble and contact me!). Another reason you may wish to seek out a ProAdvisor is for recurring accounting services. ProAdvisors must complete specific training to get certified, so they are well versed in the functionality that QuickBooks Online and Desktop provide.

Why I love QuickBooks

  • It is relatively easy to set up. You can pick the specific software or online level that best suits your industry or business type. It will give you a standard chart of accounts to work with that can easily be added to or modified.
  • It is easy to navigate with a side menu categorized by main financial functions such as: customers, vendors, transactions, and reports.
  • Bank reconciliations are completed right in the program.

Why I love QuickBooks Online even more

  • The cloud-based platform does an even better job at saving you time!
  • You can link up to your bank accounts for more regular matching to transactions, which in turn makes for a faster reconciliation.
  • The app allows you to view where you stand while on the go. You can capture images of your receipts and enter expenses on the spot. You can handle all aspects leading up to collecting funds from customers in a timely fashion instead of waiting until you’re back at the office.
  • The accountant invite makes for easy remote access and faster turn-around time on deliverables.
  • You can receive a wholesale discount on your subscription when billed through their ProAdvisor.

Don’t hesitate any longer on getting your financial software set up or caught up. Regular upkeep through the use of a ProAdvisor will save you a headache later on. Contact me HERE to get started today, or comment below with your specific QuickBooks question.

I’m your Accountant, what’s that mean to you?

You’re in need of an accountant, but do you know what an accountant does? I goggled “What does an accountant do?” and the first answer listed is “The primary task of accountants, which extends to all the others, is to prepare and examine financial records … in order to help [a business] run efficiently.”


According to Merriam-Webster, an accountant is “one that gives an account or is accountable.” Being an accountant myself, I feel this definition more accurately represents what I do. The key word here is accountable, for I am accountable to my clients, to my colleagues, and to myself.

I am accountable first and foremost to myself, otherwise all other accountability falls to the wayside. As stated in my “About Me” page, my passion for accounting has never subsided. It’s the reason I got my Bachelor’s degree, it’s the reason I’m pursuing my MBA, and it’s the reason I decided to take a leap of faith in myself and start my own business. My passion for accounting has lead me through countless experiences – experiences that provided puzzles and paths to solutions through adaptive learning. My years in the corporate world afforded me to be always inquisitive and seeking not only to learn every facet of accounting that I could, but to learn to find joy in the processes entailed in the work. I am accountable to myself to not lose that love of numbers because if I do, then I cannot serve my clients and my community as well. If you already dread the financial aspect of running your business, how would a lack-luster accountant make a positive impact?

I am accountable to my colleagues, for they are my inspiration. I am in awe of the amount of support and positive wisdom my colleagues are so willing to give. It helps me to aspire to give back in return and to continuously nurture our professional relationships. I am proud to live in Reno and to be a part of the Wolf Pack and I strive to have that show in my work.

I am accountable to my clients, both current and prospective, to be efficient, effective, ethical, and valuable. My work will resonate this accountability to the best of my ability. I’m in a constant state of learning so that I may continually provide accurate and up-to-date information that is relevant and useful. That information also must be timely so that my clients are best able to make informed business decisions. My clients are always educated on best practices and potential negative ramifications and are given suggestions to avoid legal and monetary pitfalls.

Being an accountant is more than just punching numbers on the keyboard. For me, the heart of being an accountant is making a positive impact, and I’m not just referring to the bottom line. A better bottom line is definitely a positive goal to attain, but the journey to get there is just as important. Let’s make that journey as enjoyable as possible!

If you’d like the opportunity to see how we can make a positive impact on your business, contact me for a free consultation. CLICK HERE to schedule one!

Love in Numbers

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, the day we express our love to others with cards, flowers, and chocolates. How about we skip the commercialized aspect and talk about a different kind of love… a love for numbers! No, you say? You don’t love numbers? Well, that’s ok, because you have a love for something else. Your passion. You broke into your business because you took your passion and ran with it, whether it be starting a new restaurant, creating beautiful artwork, or opening your favorite franchise. The last thing you want to consume your time with is numbers. Your time is much more valuable when spent curating new ideas and products that generate revenue.

Lucky for you, my passion IS numbers! How many people do you know who look forward to balancing their checkbook? (Hint: now you know at least one). Give me a detail-ridden, multi-layered account reconciliation, even one that hasn’t been done in over a year – or maybe 8! – and it’s GO TIME.

Since starting my venture into sole proprietorship this past November, I have been diligently working to meet as many local business owners as I can. I am amazed by the entrepreneurial supportive community that is Reno and I absolutely love hearing how others got started and learning about the different facets of their business. I want to be a part of it all! And as I conduct consultations (which are always free of charge) I delve into these details so I can best understand how I can be of benefit to their business.

My business model is to be adaptive to my client’s current and future needs. As their business grows and changes, their needs grow and change as well, meaning I adapt along with them. From a start-up who needs help setting up their accounting and business processes, to a young business that needs to look more deeply at financial analytics, to a mature company that needs to bring in-house accounting and seeks assistance in hiring and training the right team, my passion for numbers will always radiate in the task at hand. It is my ultimate goal to help my clients be as successful as possible by delivering meaningful information in a timely fashion in order to make the smarter business decisions.

This blog is just another tool that allows me to offer insightful information to the community I hold dear to my heart. I will cover topics on accounting and accounting software, excel, and how to seek out opportunities for efficiency and process improvement. I want to hear from YOU on the topics that will benefit you in your business decisions. Please leave your questions in the comments so that I can address them in a future blog. And remember to become a subscriber – in the right-hand menu – to ensure you don’t miss any of these helpful tidbits!